About Us

Prosense was established in 2006 with purpose of developing electrical appliances for explosive environment. In 2008 started manufacturing the gas detection devices for potentially explosive and toxic industrial environments and classified areas.

Prosense has always gives priority to produce quality gas detection systems. The research / development activities carried out with this direction by produced first gas detector integrated with infrared, pellistor and electrochemical sensors in Turkey. 

Prosense produces gas detectors for more than 40 industrial gases. Most of those detectors are ATEX Certified. Prosense is the leading gas detection manufacturer in Turkey. In terms of product diversity, it is in a very good position in the Gas Detection Market. Prosense has developed 'P' series for heavy industrial areas, while PE series for light industrial environments, with BTN series for domestic applications for non- explosive zone. Gas control panel provides universal 4-20mA signal to connect Prosense gas detectors.

Quality at Prosense is leave no chance, because our belief in quality. Our production processes continuously monitoring and under control by our experienced staff and ISO 9001 quality management system implementing in all our processes since 2008. 

Quality Policy,

Prosense Technology sets its the quality policy as follows:
·        Being a reliable company to meets our customers needs and expectations,
·        Reduce costs by follow up technological developments closely and increase profitability for ourselves, partners and customers,
·        Increase quality awareness in the  company’s employees by continuously improving quality norms,
·        Work with customers and suppliers in cooperation based on trust and mutual respect,
·        Complete every  initiated project on time by following and using the latest techniques within the desired qualities and budget limits,
·        Serve with the quality management system which meets the requirements of TS EN ISO / IEC 9001: 2015.

The principles to achieve this aim are;
·        Ensuring  products, systems and services are in accordance with customer expectations,
·        Aim to provide superior service by creating a difference,
·        Use resources in the most efficient and economical way to reach our goals and targets
·        Encourage creativity and support knowledge accumulation with trainings for employees, partners and customers,
·        Providing participation by increasing quality consciousness,  all together be responsible for the quality,
·        Increase efficiency by adopting continuous development,

·        Be respectful for the environment, comply with laws and regulations