PPS Series for Car Parks

In Stock PPS Series for Car Parks

PPS Series CO and NO2 Gas Detectors for Car Park


Prosense (PPS-CO) and (PPS-NO2) addressable gas detectors for continuously monitor carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide gases in the underground car parks.

High quality electrochemical sensor employed in PPS series show excellent results in ppm range.

PPS series gas detectors can communicate to Prosense PPS Manager Control panel with serial connection. PPS series detectors work in following ranges according to EN 50545-1:

PPS-CO: 0-300ppm

PPS-NO2: 0-30ppm

LPG :0-100 %LEL


The special detector cover provides easy access to detector and terminal while making connection.

Control Panel : PPS-MANAGER

  • PPS-Manager gas control panel has been developed specifically for car parks. PPS Manager gas control panels with flexible structure capacity and expandable even

    after installation. PPS Manager series gas control panel can manage and connect 32 detectors for each zone. With 4 zone support up to 128 different range gas such as CO, NO2 or

    LPG gas detectors can be on one single line.

    PPS automatically recognize detectors. There is no need to make any special settings for each of detector.

  • Addressable 32 CO or NO2 detectors can be connected serially
  • Programmable 2 Alarm and1 Fault relay output for every zone
  • 2X8 LCD for each zone
  • Easy programming with 4 button

Application areas

  • Underground car park


  • CO - Carbon monoxide
  • NO2 - Nitrogen dioxide
  • LPG
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