DP-8 Gas Control Panel

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Prosense DP8 is an innovative gas control panel to meet with tough industrial requirements and allow monitoring explosive (%LEL)and toxic(PPM) gases contents in environments and classified areas.

DP 8 comes with 4-20mA Signal 8 inputs to connect and manage 8 gas detectors at the same time which means it is suitable for medium sized industrial facilities for their safety requirement via 1 digital input can integrated into other safety equipment flame detectors the exist in facility.

Gas control panel supply 24 VDC 4.5A power its inside with 2 12V-7A batteries to ensure continuous operation due to the power interruptions and guarantees safe for the place for the battery charger unit operation.

Monitoring and programming can be done easily with 128 * 64 wide LCD screen, measurement for toxic compounds (ppm), flammable (%LEL) and %VOL automatically be selected.

Detectors can be monitoring from a single screen and as along gas concentrations can be traceable one by one. Assign a unique name for each detectors. Prosense DP8 control panel comes complete with 4 selectable NC/NO dry contact relays, one for each levels (AL1, AL2), one for fault (FLT) and 1 for programming AUX.

Optional S-8R relay module card allows to implement furthermore 24 (NO / NC) optional programmable dry contact outputs.

Optional Modbus RTU (RS 485) card provides outputs for tracing information and information on DP8 can be transferred to the SCADA system.

DP8 is a high strength against impact and has successfully passed the 960C hot wire test with IP66 protection class. Its structure does not include halogenated and silicone compounds. Prosense has a modular structure like other Prosense gas control panels and can be easily combined with each other.


  • S-8R


  • Industrial plants
  • Automation systems
  • Laboratories
  • LPG/LNG storage areas
  • Autogas

Control Panel
Communication 4-20mA, Optional Modbus
Display 128x64 LCD
Input 12V
IP Rating IP 66
Others Easy and simple programming, alarm logs.
Relay Output 4 Selectable Alarm Relay (2 Alarm, 1 Fault, 1 Aux). Optional relay outputs (up to 24 pcs.)
Connection 4-20mA, 8 channels 4-20mA detectors
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