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Detective Wireless

OverviewDetective Wireless uses the proven RICOCHET mesh network. When establishing a mesh network, ..


OverviewRugged and robust, Detective+ features either fixed or folding legs and a protective frame t..

DP-8 Gas Control Panel

OverviewProsense DP8 is an innovative gas control panel to meet with tough industrial requireme..

Crowcon Gasman Portable Gas Detector

OverviewT4 is Crowcon's personal protection solution for detecting the four most common gas hazards:..

DP-32 Addressable Gas Control Panel

OverviewPROSENSE DP-32 is an innovative gas control panel to meet with tough industrial require..

PC3 Series Gas Detectors

PC3 Series for Explosive Gases PROSENSE "PC3" Series detectors can reliably detect flammable-ex..

BTN Series Gas Detectors

BTN Series for Explosive Gases Prosense BTN Series detector can reliably detect flammable-explo..

PPS Series for Car Parks

PPS Series CO and NO2 Gas Detectors for Car Park Prosense (PPS-CO) and (PPS-NO2) addressable g..

P-3133 Methane Gas Detector

P Series P-3133 Methane Gas DetectorPROSENSE P-3133 Methane detectors can r..

P-3233 Petrol Vapors Gas Detector

P Series P-3233 Petrol Vapors Gas DetectorPROSENSE P-3233 Petrol Vapors detector..

P-3235 Petrol Vapors Gas Detector

P Series P-3235 Petrol Vapors Gas DetectorPROSENSE P-3235 Petrol Vapors Gas detectors can ..

P-3333 n-Butane Gas Detector

P Series P-3333 n-Butane Gas DetectorPROSENSE P-3333 n-Butane detectors can..