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PQ Series Fixed Gas Detectors

PQ Series Gas DetectorsProsense "PQ" Series fixed gas detectors have been designed and developed for..

P Series Gas Detectors

P Series for Explosive GasesPROSENSE "P" series detectors can reliably detect flammable-explosive&nb..

PE Series KAYO Gas Detectors

PE Series KAYO Gas & Impact Detectors Prosense ATEX/IECEx certified KAYO Series gas and imp..

PE Series Gas Detectors

PE Series for Explosive GasesPROSENSE "PE" Series detectors can reliably detect flammable-explo..


OverviewRugged and robust, Detective+ features either fixed or folding legs and a protective frame t..

PC3 Series Gas Detectors

PC3 Series for Explosive Gases PROSENSE "PC3" Series detectors can reliably detect flammable-ex..

BTN Series Gas Detectors

BTN Series for Explosive Gases Prosense BTN Series detector can reliably detect flammable-explo..

P-3133 Methane Gas Detector

P Series P-3133 Methane Gas DetectorPROSENSE P-3133 Methane detectors can r..

P-3233 Petrol Vapors Gas Detector

P Series P-3233 Petrol Vapors Gas DetectorPROSENSE P-3233 Petrol Vapors detector..

P-3235 Petrol Vapors Gas Detector

P Series P-3235 Petrol Vapors Gas DetectorPROSENSE P-3235 Petrol Vapors Gas detectors can ..

P-3333 n-Butane Gas Detector

P Series P-3333 n-Butane Gas DetectorPROSENSE P-3333 n-Butane detectors can..

P-3335 n-Butane Gas Detector

P Series P-3335 n-Butane DetectorPROSENSE P-3335 n-Butane gas detectors can reliably detect n-B..

P-3433 Propane Gas Detector

P Series P-3433 Propane Gas DetectorPROSENSE P-3433 n-Butane detectors can ..

P-3435 Propan Gas Detector

P Series P-3435 PROPANE DetectorPROSENSE P-3435 PROPANE Gas detectors can reliably detect Propane&nb..

P-3533 Hexane Gas Detector

P Series P-3533 Hexane Gas DetectorPROSENSE P-3533 Hexane detectors can reliably dete..