Prosense DP8 is an innovative gas control panel that meets tough industrial requirements. It allows monitoring explosive (LEL), toxic(ppm, VOL) gas contents in environments. The DP8 panel can manage up to 8xAnalog 4-20 mA signal gas detectors.

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• Input: 8 x 4-20mA analog and 1 digital(24VDC) input allows to the user managing detectors with integrating other equipment to the systems like emergency button.
• Display: Bright and clear LCD display
• Integrity: Easy integration to SCADA systems via Modbus RS485 output
• Relays: 2 Alarm, 1 Fault and AUX adjustable relay contacts. Up to 24 extra relay outputs for specific applications
• Logging: Stores all alarm, fault and maintenance events up 24logs to provide a history of detectors connected
• Monitoring: Continuously monitoring of 4 detector gas concentrations
• Remote Control: Up to 16 x S-DP8 control panel can be monitored in one center via Prosense Gas Monitoring software.
• Diversification: Different gases in different measuring units(ppm,LEL,VOL) can be connected
• Body: PC(Polycarbonate) superb performance under harsh environmental conditions with IP66 protection class.
• Visual/Audial: Independent Alarm and Fault LED indicators for each detector and buzzer
• Modular: Modular structure allows the user specific installation and provide efficiency during the maintenance.

Main Power Fuse 2A
Backup Battery 2x12V 7A/h (Optional)
Software Monitoring Up to 16 panels can be monitored via Prosense Gas Monitoring software remotely
Power Supply 220 VAC +/?10% - 110VAC +/-10%
Buzzer YES
Programming User friendly software enables easy programming with 4 buttons on panel door
LED Indicators 6 LED indicators for Alarm1, Alarm2, Fault, AUX, Battery and Power LED indicators
Monitoring Simultaneously monitoring measurements, alarm and fault status
Relay Outputs Programmable
Fault, Alarm1, Alarm2, AUX contacts
Adjustable NO/NC contacts
Optional Alarm1, Alarm2 and fault relays for each detector
Display Graphic LCD 128x64
Event Logging Storages Alarm, Fault and maintenance logs up to 24 event
Input 4 x Analogue 4-20mA
1 Digital Input
Backup Battery Fuse 2A
Mounting Modular Structure
  1. Datasheet


  2. S-DP8 User Manual

    S-DP8 User Manual

  3. CE Conformity

    CE Conformity

  4. UKCA Conformity

    UKCA Conformity

S-RS RS485 Modbus RTU Interface Module S-RS
S-8RA1 8 Integrated Relay Modules for Alarm 1 S-8RA1
S-8RA2 8 Integrated Relay Modules for Alarm 2 S-8RA2
S-8RH 8 Integrated Relay Modules for Fault S-8RH
P-UZY Prosense Monitoring Software up to 16 S-DP8 Panels P-UZY
S-KEY Panel Lock to prevent unauthorized access S-KEY
SP-DP8-GBK S-DP8/32, S-DPX008/032/064/128 Panel Transparent Lid SP-DP8-GBK
SP-DP8-GB S-DP8/32, S-DPX008/032/064/128 Panel Enclosure, Without Lid SP-DP8-GB
SP-DPX-PS S-DP8/32, S-DPX008/032/064/128 için 8.8A SMPS SP-DPX-PS