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Stay safe against Carbon dioxide(CO2)

Food and beverage manufacturers use different gases for the processing and storage of food and waste. The most common gas is CO2.

CO2 is present in the atmosphere at a rate of 0.04%. Carbon dioxide is one of the common gases that also occur in food processing. What's more, carbon dioxide is colorless, odorless and tasteless. This is also very dangerous. When the CO2 level rises, it makes it difficult to detect. It can replace oxygen unnoticed. High concentrations of CO2 cause poisoning and suffocation. Many of the accidents and deaths are due to carbon dioxide emissions in the food and beverage industry.

A CO 2 exposure limit of 5,000ppm (0.5%) has been set over an eight hour period. A short term exposure limit of 30,000ppm (3%) was established over a 10 minute period. Employers are obliged to provide these levels for the safety of workers. Otherwise, they face penalties and sanctions. Gas detection systems must be found in these facilities.

Prosense PQD gas detectors with IR technology ensure safe operation for CO2 detection. The IR sensor enables the user to detect CO2 in different ranges such as 0-5000ppm and 0-5VOL.

In addition, 4-20mA universal output PQD gas detectors are easy to use and integrate with other systems with Modbus RS485 and relay contacts.