Reliable and cost-effective H2S and CH4 systems.

Maritime is an industry with risks. There have been many accidents involving the leakage of hydrocarbon gases from tanker cargoes. Leaks in pump rooms and other machines create the risk of explosion, while leaks into empty spaces pose a danger to the crew. Gas detectors must be used to determine the presence of these gases.

Monitoring vapors and gases in storage tanks is an important process while maintaining safety on board. Tankers carrying cargoes with a flashpoint below 60 ° C must be equipped with a system for continuous monitoring of the concentration of hydrocarbon gases in the pump rooms. Sampling points or detector heads should be placed in appropriate locations so that potentially dangerous leaks can be easily detected.

A continuous audible and visual alarm signal should be automatically activated in the pump room, engine control room, cargo control room and navigation bridge when the hydrocarbon gas concentration reaches a predetermined level.

Gas detection systems must be suitable for the harsh environmental conditions of marine applications. Moreover, for reliable detection, gas detectors should use high-tech sensors.