Oil and Gas

SIL2 certified premium class products for the oil&gas industry.

The oil and gas industry is extremely dangerous conditions. A large number of toxic and flammable gases are generated in oil and gas processes. Most accidents are due to gas leaks and explosions. Therefore, the industry needs high-level security systems to protect the workplace, people and the environment.

The most important part of this safety chain is gas detection systems. Gas detection systems are key to protecting people and property from these dangers.

The most common sources of hazards,

Hydrogen sulfide, Methane, Ammonia, Propane, Hydrogen, Carbon dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, Oxygen deficiency / Enrichment, VOC

1- Petrochemicals: There are dangers of toxic, flammable and suffocating gases in petrochemical plants. Especially during production, highly flammable gases pose great danger.

Most common hazards in petrochemicals: Ethylene, Methanol, Chlorine, Benzene, Sulfur Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfur, VOC, Bromine, Nitric Acid, Phosphine and flammable gases.

2-LPG: It is a mixture of LPG, Propane, Butane and Methane. Highly flammable LPG requires constant monitoring.

The most common sources of danger: Butane, Propane,

3-LNG: LNG is liquefied natural gas. These gases are transformed into liquid form for unpressurized storage and transportation convenience and safety. The liquefaction process is the source of major accidents. Refrigerants such as ethane, ethylene, propane, propylene and butane are often required for liquefaction, and their presence can increase the risk of accidents.

4-Offshore Platforms and Gas Production: Gas hazards are mostly caused by hydrocarbon gases and vapors. On the other hand, offshore platforms are subject to environmental conditions, storms, extreme temperatures, vibrations, etc. includes. So offshore gas detection systems must be top-notch.

The most common sources of hazards: Hydrocarbon, Hydrogen Sulfide, Oxygen

Gas detection systems must be installed for safety in the oil and gas industry. You can provide high-level protection with PQ series for oil and gas applications with different properties.